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Wednesday, May 31 2023

Badakodi Dandyottu Brahmashree Mugera Deity : Bramhakalasha

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Beltangady: Badakodi Dandyottu Brahmashree Mugera Deity May 20-23: Celebration of Punar Pratistha Brahmakalashotsava of Deities Hosangadi, May 6: Hosangadi village has a history of almost 200 years. The festival of restoration has arrived at Dandyottu Brahmashree Mugera Deity in Badakodi village and the countdown to Brahmakalashotsava has started. With the gathering of everyone irrespective of caste and creed, the work of Jeenodhara has now been partially completed, and from May 20 to 23 of the same month, the re-appreciation of the gods will be celebrated with Brahmakalashotsava and Nemotsava ..

History of the field
In Dandyottu of Badakodi village, the elders of Badakodi, Hosangadi, Karimanelu village, Guthu Barke and Mugera community have been worshiping the deities of Mugera community like Brahmashree Mugera and Parivar deities like Dharmarasu Nellaraya, Alera Panjurli, Mahakali and Koragajja since about 200 years ago.

Guttu Barke village leaders and Mughera community formed a deity committee and with the cooperation of the community and the village, they have been conducting annual fairs, nemotsava, transition of the month and worship rituals.

About 200 years ago, Badakodi Guthu, elders of Barke and village dignitaries, elders of the community, senior priests of Sampigedadi installed stones of Brahmashree Mugera and Nellaraya Dharmarasu deities in Neralgudde of Badakodi village about 200 years ago. In 20 years He was conducting.

Temple of Gods in Muli Grass
Later, under the guidance of the Tantrivars, under the guidance of the elders of the Guthu community, at Dandyottu of Badakodi village, they built shrines of the deities in the muli grass, re-established the deities, conducted worship rituals and held an annual fair. Over time, Alera Panjurli, Mahakali and Koragajja deities were installed and worshipped.

The Brahmashree Mugera shrine has not been renovated for the past 30 years, now a renovation committee has been formed and an estimated list of 50 lakh rupees has been prepared for the renovation of the shrines and the renovation work of the shrine has been started in the month of November 2020.
The development work for the restoration of the temple is being carried out gradually and now the development work is partially completed and the Brahmakalashotsava is being celebrated.


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