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Wednesday, May 31 2023

Kazur Makham Sharif Uroos to be held from 3rd Feb

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Beltangady ; This year’s Uroos grand celebration will be held from February 3rd to February 12th with special programs at the historic Kazur Makham Sharif, which is the center of interfaith coordination of the country.

Unprecedented preparations have been made for the 10 days of Uroos, religious discourses by eminent scholars, interfaith gatherings and food donation etc.The programs will be held under the guidance and leadership of Kazur Honorary President Sayyid Kumbol Thanal, Qazi Syed Kurat Thanal, Sayyid Kazur Thanal.

As per tradition, on February 3rd, Sandal procession from Killur Jamaat will be carried out by Uroos Samiti President KU Ibrahim. Taluk Sunni Samyukta Jamaat assistant Qazi Sayyid Sadat will inaugurate the temple in the presence of Qazi Sayyid Kurat Temple. Ismail Tanal and other dignitaries will attend.”Madani Yam Majlis” led by Abdul Latif Sakhafi Kanthapuram that night.
Feb. Killur Khatib BM Umar Ashrafi will give a speech after the inauguration of Kajur Temple on the night of 4th.
On February 5, Kerala Government’s Folklore Academy Vice President A special program “Ishal Porisa” will be held under the leadership of Ustad dr. Koyakapad.
On 6th, in the presence of Darussalam Belthangadi Chairman Syed Zainul Abidin Jifri Thanal, Hanif Nizami Kasaragod, on 7th February, Rafiq Saadi Delampadi will deliver a lecture.

On February 8, the first religious graduation program of Kajur Women’s Shariat College will be held, and Naufal Sakhafi will deliver a lecture in the presence of Qazi Mani Ustad, Abubakar Siddique Montugoli.

A grand Dikr Majlis spiritual gathering will be held on February 9, and scholars including Kadalundi Shihabuddin Al Bukhari Tanal, Wadi Irfan Tanal, Ganjimath Askar bin Jan Tanal, Belalu Tanal, SM Tanal, Gulrez Ahmed Razvi Beltangadi will participate.

Feb. On 10th Mutallim and Ulama conference will be held and KC Road Ustad will deliver the keynote address. Senior religious scholars will participate.
A lecture by Luqmanul Hakeem Sakhafi of Pullara will be held on February 11. On the morning of February 12, under the chairmanship of Syed Kumbol Thanal, Kajoor Mauleed, Sandal procession, mass prayer, etc., will be held and a friendly meeting of all religions will be held. Yenapoya University Chancellor Y Abdullakunhi will conduct the inauguration while Waqf Board State President Maulana NKM Shafi Saadi will preside over the event..

MLA Harish Poonja, MP Nalin Kumar Kateel, Legislative Council Leader of Opposition BK Hariprasad will be the chief guests.
Abdul Aziz Darimi, Legislative Assembly Deputy Leader of Opposition UT Khader, MLC BM Farooq, Former Minister BZ Zameer Ahmed Khan, District Waqf President Abdul Nasir Lakkistar, Al India Catholic Union State President Advocate Xavier Paleli, Dr. Muralikrishna Irvatraya will deliver the message.
Legislative Council MLAs Harish Kumar and Pratapasimha Naik, former MLA Vasant Bangera, Moideen Bawa, former minister K Gangadhara Gowda, BEST Foundation President Rakshit Shivaram, Mamtaz Ali, Inayat Ali, BM Hamid Haji Ujire, BJP Mandal President Jayanta Kotyan, Kajoor Education. Institutions Academic Director Abubakar Siddique Motugoli, Waqf Board District Vice President Fakirabba Marodi along with important dignitaries, Waqf members and officials will participate.
On the same night, the Uroos will be concluded under the leadership of the world famous religious scholar, Sayyid Kadalundi Temple of Kerala State, Sayyid Kajur Temple, Dr. Kavalakatte Hazrat, Marhum Kazur Thanal’s brother Saidalavi Koya Jamalullaili Thanal and his family members, SYS State President Dr. Zaini Kamil Sakhafi, Kanachuru Monu Haji and others will participate. Dr. Muhammad Kunhi Sakhafi Kollam Kerala will make a speech.

On all the days of the Uroos, Annadana will be held in the afternoon and Maha Anmadana will be held on the concluding day of the Uroos.

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